After a short stint as AmaZink Eatery that opened its doors on 22 June 2010, the very same day that the 2010 World Cup soccer kicked off in South Africa, AmaZink changed its focus and became South Africa’s first true township theatre. AmaZink Live was born in 2011 and with it the Season I show.

Four years later we are proud to be able to say that Seasons II, III and IV followed with increasing success. The attendance at our Friday night shows grew every year. Today, we host over-booked Friday night shows during the peak holiday months of November to March.

As shareholders and pioneers of this township initiative, we do feel that AmaZink Live runs the risk of becoming stale. We have therefore decided that AmaZink Live, as we know it today, will close its doors at the end of April 2015. Although no decisions have been made about its future, we are considering re-launching AmaZink in a new format. We are taking time off to consider our options and that time has arrived.

To our supporters all over the world, we salute you for having the courage to break the barriers and visit Khayamandi for true, authentic entertainment.

To Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd and her cast, most of whom hail from Khayamandi, we express our appreciation for numerous wonderful shows and special moments at the Theatre. We wish you all the best for the future.

To our staff and sub-contractors without whom there would not have been an AmaZink, there are no words to express our appreciation. A special word of appreciation goes to Alana Mellet, the undisputed “mother” of AmaZink.

Lastly, to the people of Khayamandi who afforded us the opportunity to experience your “home sweet home” in such a wonderful fashion, thank you very much for embracing us over these 5 wonderful years.

We undertake to keep you posted of developments.

Leon & Jan
31 March 2015