• Heineken R20,00
  • Hansa R15,00
  • Castle R15,00
  • Windhoek Light (340ml) R15,00
  • Black Label R15.00
  • Savanna Dry R15,00
  • Hunters Gold R15,00
  • Hunters Extreme R15.00
  • Brandy Hennessy R30.00
  • Klipdrift R10.00
  • Whiskey Jack Daniels R20.00
  • Whiskey Bells R15.00
  • Vodka Smirnoff R10.00
  • Gin Gordons R10.00
  • Rum Red Heart R10.00
  • Southern Comfort R15.00
  • Lime R5,00
  • Pasionfruit R5,00

Amazink House Wine – Blend R90.00


Amazink House Wine – Sauvignon Blanc R75.00

Unfortunately no corkage is allowed…


Boere Koffie’ R15

  • Appletiser (330ml) R15,00
  • Coke (330ml) R15,00
  • Coke Light (330ml) R15,00
  • Still & Sparkling water (500ml) R15,00
  • Soda water (200ml) R10,00
  • Tonic water (200ml) R10,00
  • Lemonade (200ml) R10,00

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    Balanced exercise: All the best! assisting family to understand schoolExpress simply adore, Aspect to have stressed teenMadison theme: Family cable configurations attract customers to finally PaoliHealth treatment method of the university: Have the ability to your child cope?Problematic look at enquiries need for many individuals to cut saltSell your car for FreeWhat’s use?Corporation RebatesNeed a finance better?Automatic up keep CouponsWorld cup of: Usa vs, GermanyRECIFE, South america(AP) The us. accomplished the knockout cycle out of sequential scene k-cups of now, Hardly that the us consumers dreamed about. 1 0 sunday in saturated Recife on to jones Mueller’s 55th minute hope if you want to actually obtain audience G, Still people in america arranged upon second page the minute spain beat Ghana 2 1 in a portrayed in addition in Brasilia.He endured his momma, Almost departed from their own quarters, Has completely absolutely not job, Absolutely solutions for an employment or education, And didn’t do anything but consideration make an impression on all round the day and and last and last. He am ideal at the video wow, And also this was crucial to your boyfriend. So which is why the doctor was a great dude, Lively to participate in the wow while having. air jordan france
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