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Some individuals do a lot of complaining that the Internet advertising and marketing businesses and net sites are basically having in excess of the Net, they declare that each time they go on the Web, there is some sort of Internet Advertising and marketing that arrives up on their site. And some pop ups you are unable to cease without a truly superior pop up blocker.

Internet marketing can be annoying, nonetheless, it is the Web Promoting that makes it possible for this kind of matters as activity sites to run purposes cost-free. So as significantly as owning the potential to pay a visit to websites on the Web and entry diverse things on the web page, the Online commercials are required.

If you assume about it all you seriously have to do if you don’t want to study these Internet ads all you have to do is shut them and continue on with what you have been undertaking its rather a lot that straightforward to do.Having said that, sometimes there are ads you see, that do search intriguing and you want to verify these out.

This is an excellent thing suitable? You could possibly see some issues that you require or want. Most, if not all websites have obtained commercials on them, these sites have initially mainly built promotions with the World-wide-web promoting companies on the web. To possibly have that discount or a proportion they get again for whoever clicks on the Internet ad on the website pages considered,

Admittedly there are a number of much more Internet commercials now than when the Net first started off, online adverts are constantly modifying to satisfy the eyes of the community that surfs on the Internet. There’s, unfortunately, no way all around this, the World-wide-web promotion appears to be to all around.

So is Online promoting using the Net? Some would say most surely when other people would say they simply say they are far too annoying no matter if the website is cost-free or not. Even though the site will continue to be free of charge to the World-wide-web surfer, it really is the website by itself that is dealing with the Net advertisers.

In some instances, the Web advertising and marketing may well appear appealing having said that they check with for so a lot of info and just one of the primary things the Online ad wishes is your e-mail handle. If you supply this details then you electronic mail address is crammed with additional delivery.

It is plenty of to make a man or woman want to adjust their email account absolutely due to the fact there is no way to even unsubscribe to their mailing checklist most typically situations. So you see, the simple notion of World-wide-web using the website could possibly be a good certainly.But, to other folks they never intellect.

They simply just don’t click on the ads simply because they usually know just after expertise just what will come about if they do. These Internet advertisements may hold selected websites free or the web-site by itself up and jogging, but that isn’t going to necessarily mean you have to simply click on the Internet advertisements you see on the website.

Game Showcase to Include Surprise Prizes



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The Impact of Dance on Shows & Ordinary People

According to Jeremy Rhodes, a choreographer entertainment shows without any dancing activity is dull. He comments “The art of dancing is essential to any form of entertainment. Dancers, as well as audiences, can be mesmerized by this unique creative art form. Entertainment without dance choreography is as good as dead. This is evident as they are many popular dance television shows, festivals, schools and clubs.

There are many different popular dance shows and even musicians have dancers.” Dance displays people’s emotions it’s an art form of expression, a dance choreography can relay a message even a story. Popular dance format shows include reality series that expose the lives of dancers, dance competitions shows. He adds, “In the United States of America dance contributes to the economy and makes an impact.


A study that was released by Dance NYC revealed that Dance organisations in New York contributed $215 million to the city’s economy. The survey was conducted over a period of ten years.” He explained that the study covered various companies including big New York City Ballet and small organizations such as Thin Man Dance.

The two dance companies together give more than 1, 200 performances in New York City and tour a total of 1, 000 tours around the United States. Annually audiences amount to 3 million audiences. According to Dr Peter Lovatt, dance can change how people think. A study that required people to dance in a dance lab and then do some mathematical problems helped individuals to think out of the box and find solutions to problems.

This study revealed that structured dance routines help enable convergent thinking and improvised dancing aids divergent thinking. Various studies support the fact that dancing changes the way people think about themselves with regards to self-esteem. Mary Loper, a ballroom dance student who has been going for ballroom dancing classes & lessons in Johannesburg comments, “After attending a few ballroom classes.

I think I don’t have any misconceptions anymore about how graceful I can be. I know that I have the potential to be confident, elegant and graceful at the same time. I believe that they is a genre for everyone. There are a variety of dance styles you can choose from latin, ballroom, Hip Hop, Samba even traditional dance styles. “




AmaZink Live is a culturally authentic, interactive South African musical and dining experience which takes place at the AmaZink Theatre Restaurant situated in the heart of the vibrant Stellenbosch township of Khayamandi.

Get ready to be entertained with renditions of soulful South African classics, enthralled by the pulsating rhythms of the township and mesmerized by the hypnotic dance steps, all the while having your taste buds tantalized by the “kazi” cuisine and all within a stone’s throw of picturesque Stellenbosch, at South Africa’s very first township theatre-restaurant – AmaZink Live! At AmaZink Live your waiters are also the actors and audience participation insures for an unforgettable experience.

Guests will be treated to refreshing arrival drinks and canapés, followed by a delicious buffet meal and of course some bubbly at midnight. Throughout the course of the evening the thirteen member AmaZink Live Cast will present their full Show Programme in three sets and also treat the audience to a special extra set from 23h30 to get everyone in just the right mood for an exciting Countdown to 2013!

The cost of the Show and Dinner is R650 per person and this includes bubbly at midnight. (Price is VAT inclusive)
We offer a Taxi Service from Stellenbosch for R40 – R50 per person.

Ticket and Taxi bookings can be made in any of the following ways:
Phone 072 993 9173 | Email
Please also visit our Facebook page

  • 18h30: Doors Open / Arrival Drinks & Canapes Starter Platters served at the Tables
  • 20h00: AmaZink Live Show – scene 1
  • 20h35: Intermission / Main Course Buffet
  • 21h15: AmaZink Live Show – scene 2
  • 22h00: Intermission / Dessert Platters
  • 22h30: AmaZink Live Show – scene 3
  • 23h00: Intermission

Come kwela! Come join the party at AmaZink Live!

Latest news

AmaZink Live, South Africa’s first “Township” Theatre/Restaurant, is located in Khayamandi, Stellenbosch. After a successful opening season we are now planning the opening of the second season on 28 September 2012.

Three exciting opportunities exist for interested parties:

  • Responsible to mark AmaZink Live to the corporate/business world (work functions etc.)
  • Schools, churches and other organizations offer opportunities for fundraising events
  • Person will also be responsible for the administration of the booking line
  • Preference will be given to persons with sales experience and knowledge of the industry
  • We aim to appoint at least 20 agents, based on geographical location
  • Persons will be responsible for marketing to individuals, guesthouses and smaller businesses
  • Commission will be earned on ticket sales
  • No fixed working hours, thus well suited for marketers whom would like to work from home
  • Food, local art, products and activities will be offered before and during every show on a market at the theatre
  • Person needed to manage the market as a whole
  • Remuneration will be a commission depending on sales

If you are interested, please send your CV and any other information to For more information about AmaZink Live please visit



  • 2012

    • December (1)
    • July (1)

Welcome to the AmaZink news page. Here we will bring you all the latest news and happenings. You can also check us on Facebook for more info.




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Crush Magazine –
Food 24 Review –
Cape Town Magazine –
Weekend Argus –
News 24 –


Up until last night Khayamandi was just a name I heard (very rarely) but my 1st township experience gets a resounding WOW!!! Very proud of the entire AmaZink cast: The performances were gr8 and the waitrons/cast were all very friendly & helpful – we really had a fun evening out!! This is a definite must see for all fellow South Africans to experience South Africa’s first Township Theater Restaurant – will definitely recommend & promote this show – Keep the Passion Going!

Fawn Sisam

The evening was amazing! We felt very proud having such great entertainment for Stellenbosch tourists. Great food and an amazingly talented cast. The service was also great. Will definitely be recomending the experience.

Derryn Holliday

Amazink Live stole our hearts and captured our spirit. We became totally immersed in true South African culture and the soulful buzz of township life. The performers were of top standards and got us all out of our seats, grooving and jigging by the end of the evening! Thank you for a wonderful experience, one that we will certainly remember and recommend to all and sundry!

Jo-Anna Looms – Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Dear Alana,

Ok so I’m your publicist, but I’m not a spin doctor or a PR. They have to be nice and I don’t. I have a reputation for being brutally honest which is not always an advantage! I must admit I was a little worried about a show featuring, predominately, ‘raw’ talent from Kayamandi who had never performed before. ..nor had they ever been waiters or waitresses. (Hate the word waitron). They were fantastic. Full of energy and enthusiasm, and you could tell they loved it as much as the audience. AND they could both sing and dance. The professional ‘headliners’ were as good as expected too. In fact the whole show was wonderful ..I had a grin on my face from the time it started. Not to mention a sore throat from singing and a messed-up back because I couldn’t help dancing!

The food was really fab, but I expected no less from Bertus Basson.

Not only would I not hesitate to recommend it to everybody and anybody – I could do this at least once a week. Great place for Christmas parties too.


Marilyn Thompson
Thompson N Team (TNT)

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  • Heineken R20,00
  • Hansa R15,00
  • Castle R15,00
  • Windhoek Light (340ml) R15,00
  • Black Label R15.00
  • Savanna Dry R15,00
  • Hunters Gold R15,00
  • Hunters Extreme R15.00
  • Brandy Hennessy R30.00
  • Klipdrift R10.00
  • Whiskey Jack Daniels R20.00
  • Whiskey Bells R15.00
  • Vodka Smirnoff R10.00
  • Gin Gordons R10.00
  • Rum Red Heart R10.00
  • Southern Comfort R15.00
  • Lime R5,00
  • Pasionfruit R5,00

Amazink House Wine – Blend R90.00


Amazink House Wine – Sauvignon Blanc R75.00

Unfortunately no corkage is allowed…


Boere Koffie’ R15

  • Appletiser (330ml) R15,00
  • Coke (330ml) R15,00
  • Coke Light (330ml) R15,00
  • Still & Sparkling water (500ml) R15,00
  • Soda water (200ml) R10,00
  • Tonic water (200ml) R10,00
  • Lemonade (200ml) R10,00


To give our guests the opportunity to experience great township hospitality, we have created the AmaZink Live Market where you can pick and choose whatever you want to eat, drink, do and experience!

Our AmaZink Market offers a really great food stand selling great South African and Township favourites for you to enjoy – so come join the ‘lekka’ vibes and come dine with us! All dishes sold are authentic kasi cuisine made with finest freshest ingredients and super tasty – perfect to get you into the swing of things before the diva and her gang take the stage.

Coming for a visit in Khayamandi, you will seriously miss out if you don’t get to see some of the great crafts made in the community. Browse though our crafters market and purchase an authentic handmade keepsake to remind you of your visit, all the while supporting the community.

The AmaZink Live Merchandise stand is a ‘must see’ and this is where you can stock up on the fly official AmaZink Live ‘gear’. Get into fashion with a fedora hat or get something branded to show ‘you were here!’ and carry the super cool AmaZink Live brand.

Other viby add-on’s to the market include our ‘on the spot’ photographer and cool tunes from the drummers – where you can join the drumming circle for a quick lesson!


AmaZink Live Main plated ‘Braai’ Meal:

R100 per person

  • Grilled Peri Peri Chicken
  • Boerewors
  • Samp & Beans
  • Honey & Thyme Roasted Sweet Potato
  • Potato with Parsley Butter
  • Green Salad

Please note that this is an example menu only and items may be rotated. We are flexible in our food offering and will adjust per plate price depending on options chosen by our guests (eg vegetarians may prefer to select salad and vegetable options only and will be charged proportionally based on their selection).


A small snack plate made to be shared round the fireside. The snack plates will be served on wooden boards with small jars filled with dips, pickles etc.


  • Vetkoekies, preserves, biltong dip.
  • Spicy potato wedges, chilli, coriander, parmesan
  • Boerewors and dips
  • Small bunny chow, sambal and raita

Price R 40 – R50


All dry goods, snacks and desserts


  • Crisps
  • Biltong
  • Droewors
  • Biscuits
  • Koeksusters
  • Hertzoggies
  • Melktert
  • Ice cream / frozen yogurt

Prices vary per item