The Impact of Dance on Shows & Ordinary People

According to Jeremy Rhodes, a choreographer entertainment shows without any dancing activity is dull. He comments “The art of dancing is essential to any form of entertainment. Dancers, as well as audiences, can be mesmerized by this unique creative art form. Entertainment without dance choreography is as good as dead. This is evident as they are many popular dance television shows, festivals, schools and clubs.

There are many different popular dance shows and even musicians have dancers.” Dance displays people’s emotions it’s an art form of expression, a dance choreography can relay a message even a story. Popular dance format shows include reality series that expose the lives of dancers, dance competitions shows. He adds, “In the United States of America dance contributes to the economy and makes an impact.


A study that was released by Dance NYC revealed that Dance organisations in New York contributed $215 million to the city’s economy. The survey was conducted over a period of ten years.” He explained that the study covered various companies including big New York City Ballet and small organizations such as Thin Man Dance.

The two dance companies together give more than 1, 200 performances in New York City and tour a total of 1, 000 tours around the United States. Annually audiences amount to 3 million audiences. According to Dr Peter Lovatt, dance can change how people think. A study that required people to dance in a dance lab and then do some mathematical problems helped individuals to think out of the box and find solutions to problems.

This study revealed that structured dance routines help enable convergent thinking and improvised dancing aids divergent thinking. Various studies support the fact that dancing changes the way people think about themselves with regards to self-esteem. Mary Loper, a ballroom dance student who has been going for ballroom dancing classes & lessons in Johannesburg comments, “After attending a few ballroom classes.

I think I don’t have any misconceptions anymore about how graceful I can be. I know that I have the potential to be confident, elegant and graceful at the same time. I believe that they is a genre for everyone. There are a variety of dance styles you can choose from latin, ballroom, Hip Hop, Samba even traditional dance styles. “